“The Horse and the Murderer”


#Kamalakar Bhat

#Translation: Maithreyi Ravish

Basking in the glory of hair

As white as white can be

During a break in ferrying grooms

Is the horse.

Like an indolent paan-chewing peon


A murderer between murders.

Easy music passes between them

As a yet unpainted moth;

Pulled in the chaos of the band, the trigger

Would be a quick and bloody death and 

The bother of mingling and getting out of traffic.

Trumpeting breathlessly is the news

Through tender blades of grass

Glowing post a misty breakfast

Tickling breeze and sun

Chipped through winnowing branches

That the jail break is tomorrow!  

Chewing the cud in the memory 

Of an old oat  

They glower at each other

Speech has been floored

Before reaching anywhere.

Now, the point of the matter is: 

Who among them will,

In the ensuing chaos, know the other, 

Who will shrink from that one step 


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