sotosay is Kamalakar’s right to chatter. I solemnly assert my right to less sense; to useless opinions; to old passions; to be wrong in arithmetic; to waste opportunity; to not deal in truths; to chase curt ideas.

Literature talk happens to be my profession and passion. Write poetry apart from writing about it. Range of interests small: culture talk, politics, cricket and interrogating modes of expressions.

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  1. Kamalakar…Hi…thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a message…I visited yours in return…good nice literary blog…enjoyed…

  2. Dear Kamalakar, It is really good. Can also post something worthwhile here? and how?

  3. Kamalakar, I came to this site while I was searching about Prasanna ji and his work with Charaka. It’s a well compiled article. I plan to meet him sometime and your article helped me know that he stays in Heggodu. By any chance, do you have any contact details, either of Charaka or Prasanna ji?

  4. Dear Kamlu,
    I had once glanced your blog pages. Now again I met you here. So much interesting things, hope to read through some day!


  5. r u the same kamalakar bhatt sir who visited indore for the national seminar on ” voicing the silence”?

  6. Kamalakar, I landed here today..
    “There is a place to which I often go,
    Not by planning to, but by a flow
    Away from all existence, to a cold
    memories of our conversations haunt me now
    Rita (Kothari)

  7. Dear sir,
    Today I happened to see this web site…it is turning point of my life.
    I request you to update me about forth coming call for paper and seminar on English literature

    with regards,
    Grishma khobragade,


  8. a friend introduced me to this blog. knowing my love for dhasal. and poetry. and then I read the interview. now i’m hooked 🙂

  9. Is it possible to post some of my Dalit poems here. I am living in New York but published poet in few anthologies.

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