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Lokesh Mosale has a good eye behind the lens. His pictures of wildlife are remarkable for the action they capture. More often than not he captures the drama in the forst. A peacock in flight, an elephant kicking up a dustcloud, a tiger with the kill. He is very humble about his vocation if you talk to him. But does his work behind the lens.

I like many of the pictures he has taken. I am not the only one who likes his photos is clear because I know of two Kannada magazines which have photo-pages of his works.It is fun to just serf across his pages on http://www.lokeshmosale.com.

Here is a little feast.

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  1. in my country, first picture there are bird with long tail, called cendrawasih [if i’m not wrong]…. and under protected by goverment..because there are a few bird like this in the world…

  2. thepenks:
    that so? the bird in the pic is a very common bird in the south of India, the male is known for its beauty, its dance in the rainy season is a poetic motif.
    thanks for coming, do drop in often.

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