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Amazing Wildlife Photos by Lokesh Mosale


My friend Lokesh Mosale is a wildlife photographer who is based in Maysore, Karnataka. His pictures never stop surprising me. He seems to capture movements and play of light. It is not the remoteness of the bird captured in his photo that attracts our attention but the moment captured that is amazing. I hope he wont mind me posting some here. Please visit his website and ENJOY.

Wildlife on website


Lokesh Mosale has a good eye behind the lens. His pictures of wildlife are remarkable for the action they capture. More often than not he captures the drama in the forst. A peacock in flight, an elephant kicking up a dustcloud, a tiger with the kill. He is very humble about his vocation if you talk to him. But does his work behind the lens.

I like many of the pictures he has taken. I am not the only one who likes his photos is clear because I know of two Kannada magazines which have photo-pages of his works.It is fun to just serf across his pages on http://www.lokeshmosale.com.

Here is a little feast.