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Free access to academic journals


PKP, Public Knowledge Project, is an initiative to make possible free circulation of knowledge produced through public institutions such as universities. It is a gateway to several academic journals in diverse disciplines. No registration required either. Select articles from the participating journals are placed on free access. Here you go.

Those interested in international English studies will be interested in this site that provides access to articles from ARIEL, a fine journal in the field of literatures in English. Jstor and Project Muse also do not give access to ARIEL, if I am not mistaken, hence this free access to ARIEL is welcome. For postcolonial and cultural studies ARIEL has been a central Journal for decades now.

An excellent journal for Comparative literature buffs is CLC – Comparative Literature and Culture. The site maintained at Purdue University, gives free access to current and past issues. The journal publishes highly esteemed work in the area. Here is the ticket.

Muse India is an e journal associated with the Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore. It publishes creative and critcal writing. V. good people associated in bringing it out. Overall a good site for Indian literature enthusiasts. Go here.

Culture, Society and Praxis is another free access journal. Go here.

Culture Machine is an electronic journal with theoretical stuff on culture, technology… Here is the ticket.