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Realpolitik over Real Politics


That uneasy feeling has been around for some time. That the proletariat is not focus for CPM any longer. The Party now says yes. My, my, my. When will the party also begin to notice the rest of the rust? Say, that there has been no real theorising suitable for the times in which the meaning of labor itself is so bewilderingly new. Too much realpolitik seems to have led the Party away from real politics!!

Undergoing a rectification exercise to root out “alien class influences” from within its fold, the CPM has concluded that there is “erosion in the primacy” of its working class outlook — reflected also in the fact that 70 per cent of its leaders are from the middle class and other sections — and that electoral alliances with “bourgeois parties” are proving to be a source of “corrosive” influence.

It notes that while 75 per cent of the party’s membership comes from the working class, poor peasants and agricultural workers, in the leading committees only around 30 per cent belong to these classes. “70 per cent come from the middle classes and other sections. This provides the basis for alien class influences,” it says.

“There is erosion in the primacy of the working class outlook of the party. This stems from a reformist outlook, parliamentarism and tendency to adjust to bourgeois values. There are instances of leaders decrying working class struggles and strikes. There is weakening of the links with the masses at different levels of the party.”

Full report in Indian Express