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The Future of Literature

from: Pierre Bonnard

from: Pierre Bonnard

The title of this blog sounds foolishly grand. Dont expect from me something that sublime.

It is a reference to a friend’s phrase in a blog report of a translation workshop held in Kolkata. In expressing wonder at the sincere love for literature that had brought a diverse group of people together, Dibya uses this phrase along with ‘power of literature’. Here, let me quote him:

It was a revelation to discover that there are still people who believe in the importance, the power and the future of literature, and are willing to do what it takes to spread the word. For this writer, the issue of plurality was even acute, as he was representing the state of Assam, even though he is based in Pune, Maharashtra, and closely associated with the Marathi literature. The workshop was a stamp of approval for this writer’s belief that literature is always polyphonic, and there is more than one way to understand the di-versity and plurality, that is India.

Yes, wouldnt it be a sad day when we feel less and less excited about literature? Wouldnt it be a sad day when we find all our intellectual resourses in an sms? Wouldnt it be a sad day when the last of the poetry societies announce their suspension?

Yet, why is it sad?

Why so many of us spend hours writing blogs about literature?

Writing poems that so few people read, not something that thousands of people read.

In fact, why do we spend so much effort even to translate?

I dont know. There must be a funny bone.

But I am happy with Dibya that there are many people, in so many unexpected corners of our little world, caring for something so ‘vicarious’.