Online Resources for Literary Studies


Here are some useful links for those interested in literary studies:

1. University of North Carolina, “The Writing Center“,

2. University of California Press, “e-Scholarship editions“, E-books

3. Robert Phillipson papers

4. Yale-New Haven Teacher’s Institute, Curriculum Units

5. Free desktop dictionary and thesaurus

6. For classics, “Online books” and project Gutenbuegh

7. BBC GCSE, English Literature

8. Emory University, “Postcolonial Studies”

9. Postcolonial Caribbean Literature

10. Internet Public Library, “Literary Criticism

11. Women’s Literature

12. MLA Literary Research Guide

13. Voice of the Shuttle, extensive links

14. The Victorian Web

15. Free audio books

16. Indian resources, including theses, “Vidyanidhi

17. Free Comparative literature journal

18. Directory of open access journals

19. Sample issues of several standard journals through project muse

20. Literature teaching related stuff, ERIC

21. A good search engine for academic articles, Jurn


Will be updated

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