A Kannada Poem by S Manjunath


In the street

– S Manjunath

Rain began to lash out midway;

granny covered the infant in her arms

with the folds of her sari

I can’t hasten

to shelter them under my umbrella – yet

I can’t keep on under it unruffled.

I hurry

as if to cross the distance

between us;

an unknown twinge – as if piercing the heart

from the umbrella’s handle.

As the granny rushed under a tree

with the infant bouncing like a ball in her arms

as if the rain drops had washed away her age

making even the infant cackle

tinkling waves of the infant’s laughter come floating

where have dark clouds gone

no one needs this umbrella anymore

3 responses »

  1. I read the Kannada version, I loved it.

    S Manjunath has written many good poems, he is one of the contemporary Kannada Poets of our age.

  2. i dont know who translated it, i also dont know its merits. manjunath was a good poet. now a days he is complicating poet’s relationship branding himself.
    poetry accepts its lovers. we are not parties to it

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