Education in India, School is a Scandal


It has become imperative to talk about the education system.

It is too old fashioned to talk about education system.

The bare fact is that education in India now is nonviable.  So we simply maintain the education system. Maintaining the system requires periodical overhaul as the system has the callous habit of biting every now and then.

The teaching mechanism (it is a mechanism not because of the its programmatic condition but also because it is mechanical) weighs everything by the self-sustenance coin. Whatever happens the show must go on.

A very large part of what happens in schools, colleges, universitites, research establishments is pure ‘time pass’. No body who goes through this machine emerge any better because of it, but despite it, thankfully.

A very very large part of the books meant to be studied in our state, central and international schools are optical illusion.

A large part of the professional education in their books, lab work, practical work, apprenticeship – in every detail – in our medical colleges, engineering colleges, MBA etc are totally maya.

Out there on the street if you dont know how to use ma-behen gali you can hardly cross the street, and here in the schools we learn pious diction!

Out there on the street there are rapes taking place, we dont discuss it anywhere.

Out there in the homes, drunk father abuses the daughter for clinging to the mother whom he is berating for refusing to part with her daily wages, and here we ask the girl if she has finished her homework.

Out in there, the society tells the callow youth to join the electioneering and earn a bottle for the night, and here we ask the boy to learn about Renaissance.

Out there the government snatches away the small piece of family land for industrial estate, and here we ask the children to do a project on local governance.

Out there in the courts everyone with grave ernestness utters pre-determined lines to produce a prescribed verdict, and here we ask the child to learn duties of the citizen.

Which course in which level of our education teaches us how to survive the corrupt revenue office, the devilish netas, the adulterated food products, the profeeteering in hospitals, the doubly-lying ‘factual’ reports…. Where do our children go to learn to deal with a system that toils day & night to produce ever greater misery for the common people?

Every soul associated with education in India – from the education ministers to administrators, management, textbook writers, teachers, clerks, students – know that they deal with two distinct spheres daily. As they enter the ‘education sphere’ – the campus, the classroom… – there is this world of hallowed ideas. You step out of the class, the textbook, the building, and you can completely ignore everything said and heard in there.

Given this conditions, how do I place any trust in what I read? How does it matter how I writer what I write? How does it matter how I get my grades? Passing, marks, degree, everything has lost any meaning. Because, education is completely irrelevant now. It is a holding area.

What I experience in the society and what I learn in the book seem to lye on either sides of the mirror.

There in the texts only the sacred speaks. Here back home, there is nothing akin to it.

I go to the class and be one person. I come out of it and be another.


School, ah, it is a scandal.

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  1. While what Karmarkar has observed is all true to life , I wish to focus on the following aspects of our education system :
    (1) Where is Creativity and Originality rewarded? If rote learning is the only method,why spend so long as 13 years over it?
    (2) Are we still having as our Mission churning out Babus who will copy,imitate precedents, and like most of our Judiciary functions,hide the truth ? (3) Are the Ministers of Education fit to guide reforms?

  2. Sorry Mr Kamalakar ! Mis spelt your name.

    Reformers should know what they are doing and should be fully qualified as well as capable of accepting responsibility for their actions .

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