Does Obama deserve Nobel? Have your say

from: Indian Express

from: Indian Express

When Obama was racing to become the first Black US President, and when he achieved it, the idea of hope for the humanity, of working on the basis of idealism, of seeing and solving problems, all these got revived. Obama’s own rhetoric of  ‘we can’ was the main impetus. Also the fact that it was a historical first.

What was surprising was that this idea of linking hope with Obama’s election was not limited to US, nor to the media. A wide spectrum of people in other parts of the world felt Obama’s election is a corrective step in US politics. The sheer enthusiasm among people to go with Obama’s hope was amazing. Here is a link to one such view.  In India too there were debates about who can be the Indian Obama.

More to the point is the revival of a positive politics of caring. Two terms of Bush in US had driven the world to hopelessness. Obama seemed to set the terms afresh. He became an icon of hope. The ‘we can’ campaign became more than an election campaign. It became a new message for many. The callous monetary logic and the skeptical vision was never challenged as successfully as the Obama phenomena did.

At this point, Obama as US Prez, hope is still breathing, several people sigh with relief at his administration, his approach to issues. Yet, Nobel?

Isn’t it a bit too much too soon? I for one feel Obama is still a promise. But Nobel is given to achieved results. On that count, hopefully by the time he is through Obama will have much to boast of, but right now he is still ‘work in progress’.

Read this opinion.

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