cfp: Book on Indian English Novelists of 1981 And After


A book on Indian English novels post Rushdie’s MC.

Children of Midnight: Indian English Novelists of 1981 And After (October 31, 2009)

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Dr. Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal and Dr. Ludmila Volna

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Children of Midnight: Indian English Novelists of
1981 And After
The publication of Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children in 1981 assertively changed the fate of Indian English fiction. It has now become a force to count with. New explorations in the narrative technique in addition to a great variety of themes has made it sure that this creativity has left its indelible impression on the world literary map. The novelists since Midnight’s Children have struck diverse notes in their novels. There is a greater deciphering of the individual’s alienated soul in the world. Marooned colonized/feminine/weak/Dalit/Black/queer individual struggling against the colonial/patriarchal/powerful/ Brahmin/white/orthodox market forces is the favourite subject of the fiction-writers. The masters of Post-1981 Indian English fiction have exerted themselves to present the inner emotional ripples of their characters. It is not that the earlier novelists’ voice was mute to the interior struggles of the individual. Nevertheless, contemporary voices are more vocal in expressing the inner torments of the marginalized and their murmurings are taken more seriously the world over. The novel has moved from homogeneity of themes and techniques to heterogeneity of subjects and methodology. There is an evolution from the simple to the complex.
The present anthology of critical research papers which will be entitled Children of Midnight: Indian English Novelists of 1981 And After seeks to explore the works of major Indian English fiction writers published since 1981. Previously unpublished research papers on the subject are invited which will follow the latest edition of MLA stylesheet for citation purpose with the references given in the parenthetical form in the text and with Works cited at the end. Papers should be marked by a sharp critical acumen and analyze the novels in the light of the contemporary critical thought.
Papers together with a brief bioprofile should be sent to Dr. Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal {Feroze Gandhi College Rae Bareli U.P., India, } and/or to Dr. Ludmila Volna {Charles University Prague, Czech Republic, ) before 31 October 2009.


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