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I know very little about the case. So let me not judge. The case refers to the wildlife resort coming up close to the elephant sanctuary at Bandipur. Mr. T.G. Ramesh, the promoter of the resort claims: “The Wilderness Resorts Private Limited here will create awareness and spread the message of conservation among tourists through programs such as nature treks, bird-watching, wildlife safaris and star-gazing. It will give direct and indirect employment to the locals and thereby help reduce the villagers’ dependency on the forest and make them a partner in wildlife conservation, monitoring and enforcement.”


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WPSI Director Belinda Wright says: “A resort in that proximity will cause unrest and imbalance among the wildlife; create dependencies on ground water; affect the ecology; and disturb the home and sex life of the elephants” (quotes from


How to decide? Why resorts? What about the rights of the animals? Why are all the species a sport to us? Must we see everything? Must we find our entertainment even at the cost of the free life of the animals? Is eco-tourism the right economic alternative to those who live off the forests? How serious are we of conservation? Can’t we leave out that little space earmarked for the animals from our sphere of pleasure?

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  1. This project is purely a commercial one run by TG Ramesh. Maybe he should consider another IT start up, instead of the resort farce in the name of “conservation” and “awareness”. Marketing jargon don’t fool anyone.

  2. Really don’t understand this hulla bulla. I know about TG Ramesh’s projects very well having been associated with him for years in the IT industry and i myself has been a keen nature lover. He has the utmost respect for wildlife and conservation issues than many of the so called arm-chair conservationists. The comment from one “SA” underlines the fact that the person knows nothing about the subject. We don’t even know what SA does for a living. Hope he/she is not one of those conservationists who have built their own farmhouses near forests and use the same for partying with friends and will want their own access to the forests without others getting a chance to see the forests. Conservation and creating awareness is the key component of responsible eco-tourism. The article quotes Ms Belinda Wright, Director of WPSI as being against this resort. But what Times of India conveniently did not mention is that even she runs a resort (commercial venture) very close to Kanha National Park in MP. Pls check out Her website says that their resort is situated in the buffer zone of the National park!!!
    Pls read what all they offer in their resort including whiskeys and wines and noisy volley ball court, two powerful generators and tiger tracking on elephant back. They also offer “Picnic Breakfast” inside the National park during safari’s!!!! If she is worried about the sex life of elephants (as quoted in the article), what about the sex life of the lone female elephant she has in her camp called “Tara”. Why are animal lovers and other so called conservationists keeping quiet on this?

  3. On 2nd April 2007, the Central Empowered Committee formed by the Supreme Court of India, gave the go ahead for this resort project in Bandipur and found no basis for this complaint. They dismissed the complaint filed by WPSI. This goes to show how some people file frivalous complaints using international funding.

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