Ghosh speak


Amitav Ghosh in an interview 


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Writing is such a lonely thing. A writer’s life is so schizophrenic. When I am writing a book, for two or three years I hardly ever see anyone except my family. Morning to night I am just living in my own world you know. Then suddenly you have this period when you have finished the book and you are going out and meeting people and it’s completely schizophrenic because you just aren’t used to it but it’s also very rewarding because unlike a film director, a theatre director or an actor, or a dancer, a writer never really has that kind of face-to-face interaction. And when I do have that interaction I find it very exciting but I also find it very draining. For no reason other than that I am not used to it.

Never thought Ghosh as a writer to be in ‘only writing’ mode. This world never ceases to amaze you.

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