Crocodile Hunter


 crocodile hunter

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Not many of us would anyway doubt the integrity of a man who revelled at his first scrub python at six, expanded a family establishment to one of the world’s finest zoos and drew 500 million viewers worldwide to wildlife films. 

                                                           —— Joy Majoomdaar



I sure was sad when I heard of Crocodile hunter’s death. One had come to like his antics. One had seen the discovery channel for the bloke’s sake. We all know he became a celebrity with his passion for wildlife and his knack to package it well for the idiot box viewers. Sad he is no more. Will miss you mate. He was not without controversy. His methods have raised objections from many a conservationists. Joy Majoomdaar debates the issue in an article in Express and says:

Irwin’s professed attempt to dispel unreasonable fear among the lay public about certain species is commendable. But films of his genre have already kicked off a disturbing trend. Dozens of youngsters in
India idolise him and call themselves “green”. Most of them believe that the first thing they must learn to become a wildlifer is to catch snakes.

Read full essay here.

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