The 21st century politics of college clothing


There are new ways of controls and regulations all the time. We are of course becoming what Deleuze called ‘controll socities’. A number of recent happenings in a various areas point to how there is increasing regulation of the life as it is led. Some are direct controls. A fine discussion of one such mechanism is here in an article on “The 21st century politics of college clothing “.

“The move to impose a dress code is a response to the anxieties that today, women will wear spaghetti straps to college, tomorrow they will have careers, the day after refuse to be chaste Indian women, the next week make love to the wrong kind of men, the next month declare they prefer women to men, and from there who knows what else”

What is however more appalling is the ways in which regulation takes place that doesnot even appear as if it is a regulation. This is when we are made to want to conform to certain norms. This is where I guess disciplining and controlling differ. If I am made to feel that a particular manner of being, living, responding etc are better, the chances are that these are choices I am making in accordance under a regime of regulation. My hunch is that some of the K serials on TV have signs of such a regime in operation.

Sorry, havent elaborated the point very well. Shall do so in the future, as the issue of controll society is very important to understand. 

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